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Costumes - Melissa Tiss Cosplay

Magna Carta 2 Melissa Tiss Cosplay (멜리사 티스 - メリッサ・ティス)

Melissa Tiss from Magna Carta 2

Fanime 2011


Follow the costumes I'm currently working on!

I really had no choice on this cosplay. I had promised myself back in 2002, that if Hyung Tae Kim ever designed a character with my name, I'd cosplay her. I'm just so grateful that she's clothed!


I had a lot of trouble finding good reference for the front of her outfit (which I found AFTER I made the cosplay...) and it was very intimidating for me at the time. I definitely learned a lot from this; the most valuable lesson was how to work with leather! (And I love it!)


I'd consider this cosplay to be unfinished because there are a few things that I would like to add and alter. When you are in a costume all day, you learn it's faults and what needs to be made better. I also still need my sword! So, you'll be seeing more pictures of this cosplay in the future!


If you are intersted in cosplaying Melissa Tiss, I have all the reference images on my facebook album.

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