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Costumes - Youko Nakajima Cosplay

Juuni Kokki (Twelve Kingdoms) Youko Nakajima Cosplay

Youko Nakajima from Juuni Kokki (Twelve Kingdoms)

Fanime 2011


I never really had a strong desire to cosplay from Juuni Kokki until I came across a nice gallery with many JK illustrations. That is all it took. I found the image that spoke to me most and tried to do research in order to make the cosplay as historically accurate as possible...unfortunately I had to just make some things up as I went along.


Follow the costumes I'm currently working on!

It made sense for me to make this cosplay out of linen. I found it for $6 a yard and bought the appropriate amount. I thought it was so cool that this would be a cheap cosplay! Well, I ended up going back 3 times for more linen! I kept making realy silly mistakes and spent triple than I had hoped.


I spent some time distressing the fabric edges to match the image. I cut into the hem and tore where I felt it needed. After I cut and tore to satisfaction, I let the edges sit in a tea dye bath, after which put the costume into the washer and dryer. (NOTE! If you are working with linen, it shrinks A LOT in the dryer. If you intend to throw it in the dryer, make it larger than you need, or wash/dry it BEFORE you cut out your pattern)


Shoes were purchased at a thrift store, wig bought on ebay and green contacts purchased at Fanime.


The most work went into the foam bracers and sode (shoulder armor). Hah, now if I were to make it over again, I'd use leather, but when I made this I hadn't worked with it before! Anyhow, I found some tutorials online on how to seal the foam with a glue mixture so it was no longer porous, while still maintaining some flexibility. Then I used Rub 'n Buff to make it a nice metallic bronze.


I am actually still working on making this cosplay better; I am making leg armor and a half chest plate. I'm also working on the sword. I won't be able to make it my 'dream' way, but at least I'll have one.


You'll see more Juuni Kokki cosplay from me in the future! Photos by Judith Stephens.

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