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Precious Miseries

My illustration portfolio seems to stop after the year 2006, and for justifiable reasons. From 2005 to late 2007, my life has been devoted to my properties Precious Miseries and StiTcheS. I began the PM series in 2005, got a great contract for dolls, and other marketable items, and have had to nurture the series ever since. In the beginning, I spent a few months deciding what Precious Miseries was all about and created a basic 'look' to the site. To meet the demands of my new fans, the site needed to be up asap, regardless if it was not 'perfect'. Precious Miseries was up for about a year when I realized it needed an overhaul. Due to the lack of space, everything that I wanted to put into the site seemed improbable. Now that the rush of having the site up was over, I took my time to really figure out what I wanted Pecious Miseries to offer now and in the future.


I am always updating the site and placing new items on my PM store page. It is a very demanding property, but I am not afraid to put the time into it.


Please visit the site for more related work.

The Abridged Story of Precious Miseries

Precious Miseries merchandise began with printed postcards, sold at conventions.

While attending the SDCC, Precious Miseries postcards were presented to Toynami, which was then presented to Hot Topic. Two contracts were signed for store wide merchandise, which can be viewed below. Toynami manufactured the dolls while Headline Entertainment manufactured t-shirts, buttons, stickers, embroidered patches, magnets and key chains. All merchandise was limited, so if you did not purchase the below items while they were sold at Hot Topic, it is likely you may never. (Unless you buy on ebay.)

Now Precious Miseries is in the process of printing a first book, Book of Misery I, and starting a web comic.


  Colors of Misery: Visual Kei
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Colors of Misery: Flower Girl
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A Sisterly Moment
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Quiet Reflections
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Fall is Here/Finally Fall
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Mad Midnight Pajama Teaparty
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Flower Girl's Poison
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