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StiTcheS & Co.

Due to the popularity of Precious Miseries, StiTcheS had always been put on the back burner. Poor little guy didn't get enough love, and his site showed it for a while. How could I find time to make a nice online world for him while I had 27 attention seeking orphans in the PM manor? A good 4 months after the Precious Miseries site was redesigned, I knew my next task would be to give StiTcheS and friends the attention they needed.


While it is sometimes difficult to juggle constantly updating 3 different sites, doing commissions, designing for clients, taking care of contract responsibilities, creating personal art, and working at my full time job, I try and do my best to keep the content as updated as I can.


Please visit the site for all related work.


Currently StiTcheS is sold as an adorable plush 'action figure', as he likes to call himself. He should also be making his first appearence in his book, coming in mid 2009.

Ninja StiTcheS vs Killer Dust Bunnies Pirate StiTcheS vs Zombie Sea Serpent
Pirate Ninja StiTcheS vs Vampire Zombie Sporks Robo StiTcheS vs Ware Wool Toe Tights
Army of Itching Despair
Steam Traveling Time Detective StiTcheS Wizard Viking StiTcheS vs Ancient Prunes of Lore



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